The Bake Shop

A touch of gourmet in the homemade.
Serving Alaska’s best breakfast for every visitor in Girdwood, Alaska, we offer delicious, cozy homemade breakfasts. Sit down and let the smell of fresh baked bread, bacon and steaming coffee fill your nose as you pour golden maple syrup over a stack of hot sourdough pancakes. Try one of our famous sweet rolls or take home a loaf of our homemade Alyeska Sourdough Bread. Perhaps you visit for lunch to indulge in a bowl of our hearty bottomless soup and a sandwich, all made daily from the freshest ingredients.

Welcome to The Bake Shop experience!
Stefanie & Michael

Menu Highlights

  • The Bake Shop’s Famous Sweet Roll Our Famous Sweet Rolls

    The traditional morning glory of The Bake Shop is our unique, lightly spiced sweet rolls that have just the right amount of flakiness, buttery caramel, and a lemony glaze topped with sliced almonds.

  • Summer of ‘76 Alyeska Sourdough Pancakes

    With 3 sourdough pancakes, one egg and one slice of bacon it’s easy to see why this has been beloved on the menu for 38 years.

  • Bottomless Soup Bottomless Soup Bowls

    Made fresh daily, our bottomless soup bowls keep our customers coming back for more!

  • The BLT Alaska's Best BLT

    Who doesn’t love bacon? This sandwich, with butter crisped edges and the freshest tomatoes and lettuce gives perfectly cooked bacon the time of day it deserves.

Love our soup? Now you can make it at home!

Bottomless Bowls of SoupThe Bake Shop recipes are now available online for you to enjoy at home. We’re excited to be sharing our time tested taste treats with you and would love to hear about your baking experiences on our Facebook page.

Check out our new Recipe section here!

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  • The staff at The Bake Shop has been busy, as always, to prepare a fabulous breakfast or lunch for you...your soup choices are:

    Beef-Barley-Vegetable Soup or Great Northern Bean with Pork.

    The lunch special is an old-timey Meat Loaf Sandwich served with our own catsup, herb mayo and the trimmings!
    The meatloaf itself is slow baked to juicy perfection with sun dried tomatoes, black olives, capers, mustard, carrots and parsley!
  • Great Northern Bean with Pork and Clam Chowder are our featured soups today.
    The juicy, grilled Chicken Dijon sandwich with fresh avocado, a sprinkling of Kasseri cheese and our honey-mustard vinaigrette on our freshly baked malted roll will be the lunch special!
  • WOW - another sunny day....we say thanks and enjoy it!

    If you are on your way south this weekend and need a treat, lunch or start your trip was a fabulous breakfast, just stop at The Bake Shop.
    You can even call in your order for pick up at 783-2831 and by the time you get here, we will have your meal ready! Remember, all our dishes are available for carry-out! (we use biodegradable supplies!) Just promise to be safe and don't eat and drive!

    Today's soups: Clam Chowder! and Curried Lentil.
    The lunch special: California Chicken Caesar Wrap with Avocado, Tomato, Kasseri Cheese and Spring Greens!


Our Sourdough Start

SourdoughThe foundation of every good bakery is its starter. Ours is a true sourdough, nursed and nurtured for almost 100 years, originally ‘mothered’ from a sourdough miner who mined for gold in our beautiful valley.

For over forty years we have cared for, fed, and doubled our starter every day, and like any loved thing, it has it’s own unique temperament that tests and challenge our bakers daily.

It is a labor of love we are happy to share with you!