Alaska’s Best Homemade Breakfast With a History

The original space, circa 1974.

The original space, circa 1974.

For over forty years The Bake Shop has been bringing generations of Alaskans and visitors from around the world to the table, feeding families both with stories and our meals. Because of our long history we deeply care about the beloved traditions of the original food served at The Bake Shop. We are proud to welcome back customers from over thirty years ago who walk in and enjoy the same experience they had the first time around.

Becoming Alaska’s Best Breakfast and The Bake Shop didn’t happen overnight.  Follow our history to see how far we’ve come!

1963  The Egloff family acquired our now famous Bake Shop sourdough that has been lovingly fed since its first ‘Mother,’ a fortune seeking gold miner.

1973 Werner Egloff, an immigrant from Germany, leased a small space for what would become The Bake Shop in what was the original Alyeska Hotel and Condominiums (now known as Alyeska East and The Sitzmark).  Despite building challenges, Egloff worked through the first year putting together his dream.

“At that time, I did not think I would be doing it for the rest of my working years,” recalls Egloff


Showing off the now famous Sweet Rolls.

Showing off the now famous Sweet Rolls.

Egloff slowly started building up The Bake Shop and sees early success in both the winter ski season and summer tourist season.

1976Our most famous breakfast special the SUMMER OF ’76 was developed in honor of the United States’ bicentennial.

1994 The Bake Shop gets it’s twenty year face lift making the dining area and kitchen larger and adding bathrooms.

1997 Mike and Stefanie Flynn purchased the Bake Shop from Egloff with their 18- month old daughter Annika.

Michael brought his training as a chef and years of experience as an Executive Chef for world-class resorts and hotels to the restaurant. Stefanie, an immigrant from Germany like her predecessor Egloff, added her experience in hotel management and a flair for the beautiful (including artwork and flowers) to the restaurant.

“I had many happy days in The Bake Shop, and one of them was the first of November in 1997, when I could turn it over to Mike and Stefanie.”

2014 Mike and Stefanie celebrate their 17th year of ownership of The Bake Shop. Over the past 17 years we’ve added our own special flavors to The Bake Shop Menu including:

  • House-made jams including Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Prune Jam
  • Homemade Granola
  • Cookies and brownies to add to our baked goods line
  • Lunch specials (including more soup options)
  • Vegetarian Options
  • A French Toast special
  • We have also recently undergone some renovations including changing the lighting, painting, and adding the artwork to our dining space.
  • We offer our own logo wear and hand thrown pottery mugs.
  • We also feature the artwork of local artists throughout our restaurant.

Today Come and join us at our Table, we will be happy to serve you.